The Scratch Cast Podcast - Episode 15: "Arses For Faces"

The Scratch Cast: The Alternative Music Podcast show

Summary: A new episode of The Scratch Cast is here at last and we’ve got another jam-packed show for your listening pleasure. On our singles swap this month we investigate the most mysterious song on the internet “The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet” and discuss “Mam” the latest single from Irish hip-hop trio KNEECAP (feat. DYRT). On the next episode, we’ll be discussing “The Pale Horse” by Elliot Pullen and “Average Death” by Anonymous hardcore punk outfit The Armed. On “submission corner” we dive into “Postulated Substance Abuse” the new EP from Livingston rapper Slippery Trashmouf and we tackle yet another mammoth post-rock song “Too Late, Already It’s Too Late” from Yorkshire’s “Going Feral”. If you’ve got something you want us to hear then make sure you hit us up via the contact page, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or via email at But that’s not all! We also review “Emphatically No.”, the new album from from Los Angeles rock trio Cheekface, “Collapsed In Sunbeams” the debut album from London singer-songwriter Arlo Parks, “Look Alive”, the 6th album from Canadian rock duo Black Pistol Fire and finally “High VIbrations” from multi-instrumentalist The John Michie Collective. Check out the episode below or via any of the links at the bottom of the page. Sit back, relax and listen to “Arses For Faces”. If you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee here: If you’re wondering what our review scores relate to, check out our rating system below: 1/10 - Destroy without listening 2/10 - Rancid bin juice (bathe afterwards) 3/10 - Hot garbage (avoid) 4/10 - Meh (not worth going back to) 5/10 - Forgettable (one or two good songs) 6/10 - Just OK (for fans of the genre) 7/10 - Good (quite like it) 8/10 - Very good (must listen) 9/10 - Exceptional (absolutely love it) 10/10 - Practically flawless (unmissable) Don’t forget to subscribe to The Scratch Cast on your favourite streaming/podcast service so you never miss an episode. Please leave a nice review :) Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: YouTube: Deezer: Castbox: TuneIn Radio: & more: All music clips are used as a teaser only and remain the property of the respective artists. Peace.