Damages of Purity Culture and the True Love Waits Movement

Aaron Parsons After Dark show

Summary: These are Aaron's thoughts on Christianity, Purity Culture, True Love Waits, the damages purity culture causes to relationships, and solutions from a male perspective. As a married autistic, Aaron feels we need to focus on building better relationships with each other rather than keeping sex in a cage. Episode marked explicit for mature PG-13 content but there's no profanity. You can follow the Aaron Parsons Project at: Facebook: https://facebook.com/aarparproj Twitter: https://twitter.com/aarparproj Instagram: https://instagram.com/aarparproj Website: https://aarparmedia.com Bandcamp: https://aarpar.bandcamp.com Help support Sscope Winnipeg: https://www.sscope.org/donate Aaron Parsons, known as Double A Ron/A-Ron from OC Remix and VGMix, used to be a hard-core evangelical Christian until his friends and relatives were affected by events of 2020. After a church he respected decided to take the Canadian government to court for church restrictions, his opinion on Christians changed dramatically.