Episode 3-1 Trailer

Very Good Music: A VGM Podcast show

Summary: <p>Greetings, Gamers!</p> <p>Dues to some unforeseen circumstances, Bedroth wasn't able to get the episode edited in time for today's premier, so we're pushing things back 1 week. Don't worry - you'll still get your full season's worth!</p> <p>To tide you over until the episode proper drops next week, we've given you a taste of all 14 tracks we'll be featuring. Can you guess which games they come from? Do you know the songs so well that you can spot them within a few seconds? </p> <p>Check out the YouTube video and let us know in the comments, shout out your guesses @Shootkapow on Twitter, or email Bedroth at verygoodmusicvgm@gmail.com!</p> <p>We'll see you next week!</p> --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/vgmvgm/message