Episode 2: Cricket in the era of COVID (Feat. George Dobell, Chetan Narula and Asif Khan)

Pie Chuckers Cricket Podcast show

Summary: In the second episode, the Pie-Chuckers are joined by three prominent cricket journalists from across the globe, George Dobell, Chetan Narula and Asif Khan to explore the updated ICC guidelines and regulations in relation to COVID and the expected impact on the game. The show kicks off with the much talked about the guideline of banning saliva to shine the ball "(06:40)" and if it gives batsman the advantage "(10:15)"? Is this the right time to legalize Ball-tampering "(20:02)"? How about demerit points for Umpires "(32:19)" Do COVID substitutes work? "(50:25)" Empty Stadiums, no high fives, no huddles??? Is it cricket? "(58:34)" With Packed Itenaries are we going to see more Player rotations? "(1:03:06)" Are England touring India this year? George has bet his firstborn on it that they won't.......!! "(1:06:24)" IPL or T20 WC? George and Chetan go head-to-head on the timing of the tournaments! "(1:09:46)" When and where is IPL happening this year? Chetan has all the answers "(1:25:34)" Are we going to see MSD in Indian colors? "(1:31:58)" Women's IPL on the Horizon? Maybe just maybe! "(1:41:27)" The show ends with Pie-Chuckers asking George and Chetan if fourteen days quarantine period would help India with acclimatization on overseas tours"(1:46:47)". Also, checkout Chetan Narula's Podcast by clicking on the link below: https://open.spotify.com/show/2IH6XayWnNeH5cwaBdbDww?si=Yy5IG08DRkSmBjPMwdWr9Q Follow us on: YouTube : https://bit.ly/3dZUybi Instagram: https://bit.ly/3e7c9OI Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChuckersPie