The Scratch Cast Podcast - Episode 12: “Indefatigable Defenders of Good Taste”

The Scratch Cast: The Alternative Music Podcast show

Summary: It feels like ages since we posted an episode but Episode 12 of The Scratch Cast is finally here for your aural delight! On our singles swap this month we’re discussing the singles “Endarkenment” and “England’s Ending” from British extreme metal band Anaal Nathrakh and antagonistic grime-punk duo Bob Vylan respectively. Next time round we’ll be discussing “Manhattan Skyline” by Ihsahn and “Ain’t No Man With Money” by Van Tastik, so make sure you give those a listen before the next episode. On “submission corner” we tackle “Cellophane” by Leith-based alternative rockers Salt and “Placebo” by Bristol’s modern nu metallers NO:IR. If you’ve got something you want us to hear and potentially review then make sure you hit us up via the contact page, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or via email at On top of all that we review albums from Ayrshire’s very own genre-spanning three-piece Voldo, Poland’s gloomy, industrial doom merchants Give Up To Failure, Ireland’s indie rock songstresses Pillow Queens and finally Bristol’s divisive post-punk-a-saurus IDLES. Check out the episode below or via any of the links at the bottom of the page. Sit back, relax and listen to the “Indefatigable Defenders of Good Taste”. If you’re wondering what our review scores relate to, check out our rating system below: 1/10 - Destroy without listening 2/10 - Rancid bin juice (bathe afterwards) 3/10 - Hot garbage (avoid) 4/10 - Meh (not worth going back to) 5/10 - Forgettable (one or two good songs) 6/10 - Just OK (for fans of the genre) 7/10 - Good (quite like it) 8/10 - Very good (must listen) 9/10 - Exceptional (absolutely love it) 10/10 - Practically flawless (unmissable) Don’t forget to subscribe to The Scratch Cast on your favourite streaming/podcast service so you never miss an episode. Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: YouTube: Deezer: Castbox: TuneIn Radio: & more: Peace.