#46 - Improving Shot Accuracy with Jay Moylan

Becoming a Bowhunter show

Summary: This week host Matty is joined by Jay Moylan! Jay is on the Prime Archery Pro staff team for competitive archery! In this episode the boys uncover Jay's biggest idols and mentors in the sport of archery. Jay dives shares his biggest 'gold nugget' takeaways that each of these mentors passed onto him. Jay explains why he doesn't think you should use bow wax... And, Matty owns up to never having using it on his first bow. Towards the end of the conversation the boys get into the nitty gritty's of accuracy! Obviously it's a compliment of hours practising with good technique... However, Jay shares some of his biggest turning points in improving his accuracy! Find Jay Moylan: @jaymo_archery Find Matty: @becomingabowhunter.podcast @mattyafter