Talking Eating Disorders, Body Image and Self-Love with Nicole Renard

Let's Talk Fast show

Summary: Nicole Renard grew up as a competitive dancer with the hopes to become a Broadway star and spent most of her childhood years and life in this world, training 10-20 hours a week and becoming immersed in a world that would judge her on the way she looked and how she performed. Her older sister was also a dancer and was someone that Nicole looked up to and always wanted to emulate. Nicole's sister then shared with the family that she had been dealing with an eating disorder and this rocked Nicole's world and in the years that followed, Nicole found herself feeling alone and a need to hide her own struggles with body image, self-love and a want to always be "perfect" After a year living in New Zealand and having to fit in with a bunch of new people that had no idea who she was and make friends with these people, she realised that acceptance from these people came about because of the person she was, not for what she had done or achieved in her life. This stirred a passion in Nicole to share her story with the world and open up with her struggles with body image, eating disorders and feelings of worth and today she is an energetic and fun human being who uses her platform to spread a message of hope, positivity and self-love and I really hope you enjoy this week's podcast and the gold nuggets you will find within our chat. I hope you enjoy the episode and if you did and haven't already, please go and give the podcast a quick review and 5 star rating as it would mean the world to me and then DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE to make sure you never miss an episode!!! Join the tribe and become a NO BREAKFAST CLUB member today and receive daily workouts sent directly to your email, discounts on products and services and MUCH more planned in the no too distant future. Anyone can join and all you need to do is CLICK HERE to find out more and sign up today to join the team! Contact Nicole Renard Instagram: @nicole_thenomad Website: YouTube: Nicole Renard TikTok: @nicole_thenomad Contact The No Breakfast Guy: Instagram: @the_no_breakfast_guy Website: Email: YouTube: