EP: 115 Do This One Thing Everyday and Results Will Happen

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Summary: <p>Today, I talk about why so many people have a hard time getting the results they want out of life, business and relationships. The answer may seem simple, but so many people have a hard time doing this one thing. People have a hard time checking themselves before checking someone else. We have to learn to stop giving ourselves a pass every time we mess up. We have to learn how to hold ourselves accountable for our actions in order to get the results we want.</p> <p>FOLLOW D'ANDRE HERE:</p> <p>Instagram: <a href="https://www.instagram.com/dandre_evans/">https://www.instagram.com/dandre_evans/</a></p> <p>LEARN HOW TO START YOUR OWN PODCAST: <a href="https://www.levelupdaily.com/links">https://www.levelupdaily.com/links</a></p> --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/levelupdaily/message