Fireside Chats Issue 526: Future State

Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast show

Summary: Welcome back Fireside Faithful! We are still at 75% here at the Fireside home front, but for today’s show it’s a different 75%. In the strangest turn of events, Features is back out with Late Shift, and it seems Maurer has been set free. That’s right Firesiders, the Barron of Beeps is back, joining Mendte and Baby Huey to talk DC Future State! We kept it out of the Wednesday show because we felt it needed it’s own. Find out about DC two month makeover starting 2021, introducing new and familiar faces take up DC’s most iconic mantels. From a Batman and Wonder Woman, to a new Suicide Squad and Teen Titans. There is a lot to go over. Press play and Welcome to Fireside.