Learning from Churn and how CSMs can become better investigative journalists

The Customer Success Podcast show

Summary: Welcome to The Gainsight Gamechanger Podcast, a space where we recognize and celebrate people who change the game of customer success and product experience for their companies, customers, teammates, and partners. Losing customers to churn is painful, we can’t deny that, but it is key for businesses to make the most out of these situations and learn from their customers’ experiences in order to evolve and better serve others. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Natasha Narayan, CEO and Co-Founder of IcebergIQ, to chat about the hidden value inside businesses and customers’ worst nightmare: churns. When customers decide to leave, it’s for good, and CSM professionals must learn to properly handle these situations. Listen to this episode to learn how to extract the best feedback from your customers for your own improvement, and how to prevent a future churn with the adequate interview in the first place. In this industry, it all comes down to your communication and listening skills, if you want to work on them even further, this episode is definitely for you. Hosted by Adam Joseph, The Gamechanger Podcast is a show brought to you by Gainsight. For more information about all of our episodes, please visit https://www.gainsight.com/podcasts. This show is produced and edited by StudioPod. If you want more details on how to fully record and produce your podcast with our services, you can reach us at http://studiopodsf.com, send us an email at info@studiopodsf.com or contact us through our social media channels as @studiopodsf. StudioPod also offers an AirBnB Experience, where you can learn how to podcast; to learn more or to book one of our amazing courses, go to https://studiopodsf.com/courses.