8. The Gift of Stuck with Laura Vaughn

Seniors' Care Matters show

Summary: In today’s episode, we unpack 4 different types of stuck, and how to move through them.<br> In this episode:<br> Laura shares an interesting way to look at how we tend to feel stuck, as well as some practical ways to approach each level so that you can find the gift, then get unstuck and move forward.<br> <br> In this episode, you’ll learn more about:<br> <br> * The 4 levels of feeling stuck<br> * Ways to diagnose which type of stuck you’re experiencing<br> * Getting to the root of the stuck through questions<br> * A great cooking metaphor to help distinguish your level of stuck<br> * Embracing stuck as a gift<br> <br> Guest Info<br> Laura brings 20 years of business leadership experience into the realm of training and consulting in carrythe3 inc. Laura earned her leadership stripes during her 7 years running a $30m business with her Dad and her husband (you can ask her what that was like over a coffee).<br> <br> Laura has a CPA designation, a degree in Music Performance from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters in Management and Professional Accounting from the University of Toronto. She has filled a variety of senior leadership roles, from General Manager to COO and CEO.<br> <br> Today, Laura stays inspired by coaching and training Managers, and carrying high-stakes consulting projects for CEOs. She is on a personal mission to expunge the words unprecedented, pivot and new normal from our current vocabularies.<br> <br> <br> Resources<br> Laura's Contact Info:<br> <br> <a href="mailto:laura@carrythe3.ca">— Email</a><br> <br> <a href="mailto:laura@carrythe3.ca">— </a><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/laura-vaughan-50b1556/">LinkedIn</a><br> <br> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/carrythe3inc">— Facebook</a><br> <br> — Laura’s 90-Day Manager’s Training Program, called <a href="http://www.thebalancedmanager.com/linchpin">Linchpin.</a><br> <br> — The balanced manager webinar dates are here: <a href="http://www.thebalancedmanager.com">www.thebalancedmanager.com</a><br> <br> — Visit <a href="http://www.carrythe3.ca">www.carrythe3.ca</a> for Laura’s recently released eBook, "The Gift of Stuck."<br> <br> — Link to Laura’s article “<a href="https://www.carrythe3.ca/post/what-kind-of-stuck-are-you">What kind of stuck are you</a>?"<br> <br>  <br> <br> Click the link below to receive weekly updates and stay informed about new Seniors' Care Matters podcast episodes!<br> <br> * <a href="http://eepurl.com/gmA_JX">http://eepurl.com/gmA_JX</a><br> <br> Transcript<br> Intro (00:00): Welcome to Seniors' Care Matters, part of the qodpod network. Each week, Seniors' Care Matters provides inspiring interviews and insights to help you lead, connect and engage with your teams and your residents' families. We focus on ways to enhance your leadership approach and presence with practical tips to build a relational culture and create breakthrough results. And now here's your host for Seniors' Care Matters, Deborah Bakti.<br> <br> Deb (00:30): Have you ever felt stuck? Well, yes, of course you probably have once or twice, maybe even just in the past week or the past day. I think we're all very familiar with that angsty feeling of being stuck. Perhaps our self limiting beliefs that are rearing their ugly head, or we may be lacking the tools needed to get the job done. Or maybe we just don't feel like working on a project or we just don't know why we're stuck or how to get unstuck. Recently. I was feeling stuck with a writing project that I'd been working on for months and just didn't know what the problem was. Why was I feeling so stuck with it? And how was I going to get well, unstuck and writing again? I happened upon an article that today's guest Laura Vaughn wrote called "What kind of stuck are you?" And there it was in black and white - what kind of stuck I was mired in,