How Easy Is It To Become A Muslim? What Is The Appeal Of Islam To The Agnostic? Convert Story (USA)

Becoming Muslim - Unto Islam show

Summary: About Us: Podcast: Submit A Question: Sign-Up Free Courses: Sponsor|Donate|Support|Help Us: Hosted by Crystal Joseph. Like many of us examining religion left Michael feeling no closer to the complete truth or any more spiritually guided from before. Finding himself standing on the cusp of all religion entirely. Michael forged forward through adulthood knowing and believing there is a God. However still unable to practically, mentally and logically resolve the best way to live a life conducive to his belief. From an outsiders perspective Islam may look like a set of strict and infinitely nuanced rules. Mysterious or even exclusive. In spite of this Michael recalls how he dived right in simply after declaring 'There is no God except one God' and has never looked back since. So what is the appeal of Islam to the agnostic? Is it really complicated to become a Muslim?