Singing On The Stages Of New York: Experienced Convert Of 30 Years Explains Finding Islam (USA)

Becoming Muslim - Unto Islam show

Summary: About Us: Podcast: Submit A Question: Sign-Up Free Courses: Sponsor|Donate|Support|Help Us: Hosted by Adee Simon Macdowell. Noor Saadeh is an American convert to Islam. She has been a practicing Muslim for over 30 years. A former concert and opera singer performing in New York City and abroad, as a Muslim Noor turned her talents to writing songs and stories for Muslim children growing up in the West In this episode she talks about: Music in Islam Alcohol in Islam Islam as a merciful religion Services for new Muslims in the USA Learning Islam at your own pace The needs of new converts Roadblocks for people thinking about converting Links from episode: Noor Saadeh: An American Convert to Islam - Her Story Embrace FB page This is a great series: both in video and text format Visit Noor's websites at: