Discover Your Innate Emotional And Spiritual Resilience - Convert To Islam Story (Australia)

Becoming Muslim - Unto Islam show

Summary: About Us: Podcast: Submit A Question: Sign-Up Free Courses: Sponsor|Donate|Support|Help Us: Hosted by Adee Simon Macdowell. Here is a method that is helping women to convert to Islam. Join us today as we talk to Kathryn. Kathryn is a veteran convert of 25 years. She is an Emotional and Spiritual Resilience Coach and founder of an academy that help's people learn about Islam. Today you will learn 5 reasons why you should use Kathryn's academy in your first years of Islam so you can benefit from her 25 years experience of converting to Islam. Kathryn is 51 years old. She converted in 1995, that's 25 years ago. She lives in Australia and is passionate about ending oppression. In this episode Kathryn talks about: Marriage Divorce Abuse Mistake to avoid when converting to Islam And much more Kathryn mentions: Keith Moore (Science): Her website and academy: Free weekly support group: Author of Step Up - Embrace The Leader Within: From the website: The truth of our psychology ... the human experience! Discover your innate emotional and spiritual resilience The truth is that your innate emotional resilience is already there within you. It never left you, but the layers of life experiences have buried it out of sight.