Episode 15: Gather

All Things Local show

Summary: <p>On this episode I speak with Tia Anderson of Heartland Bank and Debra Boughton of NIU, who are leaders in Gather, a program of the <a href="//www.dekalb.org">DeKalb Chamber of Commerce</a>. Now in its third year, Gather is a women’s leadership organization that helps strengthen the overall business and non-profit community in the DeKalb area. We talk about why the program was founded and how they are working to support all women. We discuss how women can get involved even during this pandemic. I am a proud member of Gather, along with nearly 100 other women, and I encourage everyone to think about how you can get involved. Go to <a href="//www.dekalb.org">DeKalb.org</a> for more information. I hope you enjoy our conversation.</p>