Building The Basics To Move More Efficiently with Isaac McCrimmon

Let's Talk Fast show

Summary: On this weeks episode of the Let's Talk Fast Podcast, I had fellow Exercise Physiologist and director of The Health Blueprint, Isaac McCrimmon. Isaac started out working for me as an undergraduate completing his work placement hours around 6 years ago. A few years later Isaac was running my Exercise Physiology Clinic while I took the year off to travel France and spend time with my wife and kids. Isaac has a passion for helping people and has acquired a number of amazing skill sets that allow him to do that and create a successful business at the same time. Together we talk about the mistakes that many people make around their training and how you can begin to train and build a foundation of movement patterns that will allow you to move more efficiently and help you become a more balanced, stronger and less prone to injury individual. I hope you enjoy the episode and if you did and haven't already, please go and give the podcast a quick review and 5 star rating as it would mean the world to me and then DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE to make sure you never miss an episode!!! Join the tribe and become a NO BREAKFAST CLUB member today and receive daily workouts sent directly to your email, discounts on products and services and MUCH more planned in the no too distant future. Anyone can join and all you need to do is CLICK HERE to find out more and sign up today to join the team! Isaac McCrimmon Details Instagram: @thehealthblueprint.ep Contact The No Breakfast Guy: Instagram: @the_no_breakfast_guy Website: Email: YouTube: