How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Let's Talk Fast show

Summary: Diabetes is a term that gets thrown around these days and many people are unaware that there are two type of Diabetes and that they are both VERY different. In this weeks podcast, my aim is to not only shed light on what Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are, how they differ from each other and how an individual with either of them can manage them best, but to also give a clear understanding on just how big of a problem Type 2 Diabetes is in our society today. Type 2 Diabetes has become a health problem on a world wide epidemic level and this has become even more evident with COVID disproportionately affecting those with Type 2 Diabetes. The cost to the health care system, the person with Type 2 Diabetes and their family is HUGE and with the confusion around how to manage it and a lot of doctors having no idea what to do or are incentivised to just give medications, the problem continues to get worse. Type 2 Diabetes is (in most part) a lifestyle condition and so it makes sense that a lifestyle intervention is what will help reverse it and cure it... and YES, you CAN reverse it!!! In this podcast I will share with you the way in which I have helped hundreds of people over my 15 year career, reverse their Type 2 Diabetes, get off all medications and do it while enjoying the foods they love, INCLUDING CARBS!! I hope you enjoy this weeks episode and it helps to bring you value on the journey you are on and should you have Type 2 Diabetes, I hope it helps you take a meanigful step forwards in seeing you reverse this condition. If you did like the episode, it would mean the world to me if you could leave a positive comment and 5 star review as it goes a LONG way to help me share my podcast to more people around the world. I hope you enjoy the episode and if you did and haven't already, please go and give the podcast a quick review and 5 star rating as it would mean the world to me and then DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE to make sure you never miss an episode!!! Join the tribe and become a NO BREAKFAST CLUB member today and receive daily workouts sent directly to your email, discounts on products and services and MUCH more planned in the no too distant future. Anyone can join and all you need to do is CLICK HERE to find out more and sign up today to join the team! Contact The No Breakfast Guy: Instagram: @the_no_breakfast_guy Website: Email: YouTube: