Steelers Football - The Terrible Podcast - Episode 1334

Steelers Podcast - The Terrible Podcast show

Summary: 10/12/2020<br><br>Season 11, Episode 29 of The Terrible Podcast is now in the can and in this Monday show, Alex Kozora and I get right to talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers week 5 Sunday hone game against the Philadelphia Eagles.<br><br>We first discuss the big game that Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool had on Sunday and its historical significance. We move on to talk about the injuries the Steelers had in Sundays home win and what the pregame inactive list looked like.<br><br>Alex and I then spend a lot of time breaking down the Steelers game against the Eagles. We start by recapping what took place offensively and that includes discussing big plays, Claypool’s play, motion usage and more. We talk some about how quarterback Ben Roethlisberger played against the Eagles as well.<br><br>We close out this Monday podcast episode by answering several more emails we’ve received from listeners.<br><br>Thanks for listening and don’t forget to call or email with questions or comments and please pass us along to your friends!