Steelers Football - The Terrible Podcast - Episode 1338

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Summary: 10/21/2020<br><br>Season 11, Episode 33 of The Terrible Podcast is now in the can and in this Wednesday show, Alex Kozora and I get right to talking about what all Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomin had to say during his Tuesday press conference.<br><br>We go over a lot about what Tomlin said about inside linebacker Robert Spillane and his expected usage starting on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans now that inside linebacker Devin Bush has been lost for the season with a knee injury. We go over Spillane’s play against the Cleveland Browns this pasty Sunday and speculate more about what this Sunday holds for him and the rest of the Steelers defense.<br><br>Alex and I go over the injury report that Tomlin provided on Tuesday and try to speculate who might be in and out for Sunday’s road game against the Titans.<br><br>In the middle of this show, Alex and I are once again joined by David Boclair, who covers the Titans for David helps us get ready for the Steelers Sunday game against the Titans and we also talk extensively about fallout from Tennessee’s recent COVID outbreak and more. We talk offense and defense with David and even get a prediction on Sunday’s game from him. If not already doing so, please follow David on Twitter at @BoclairSports and read his work online here: <a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br><br>After previewing the Titans game with David for 30 minutes, Alex and I get back to recapping the all-22 tape from the Steelers Sunday home win against the Cleveland Browns. We also go over the Steelers Wednesday injury that was released late during the show.<br><br>We close out this Wednesday podcast episode by answering several more emails we’ve received from listeners.<br><br>Thanks for listening and don’t forget to call or email with questions or comments and please pass us along to your friends!