Hypermobility: A conversation with Rachelle Singh

Core Awareness show

Summary: Rachelle Singh, a psoas savvy movements educator from southern Quebec, has direct lived experience with hyper-mobility. Being professionally trained at the young age of four years old, Rachelle's love of movement has been her creative expression and life's passion. She was first diagnosed with hypermobility at the age of fifteen after having dislocated her elbow four times and her ankle twice. Born hyper-mobile offers a person expansive possibilities and serious challenges. Psoas often messages ligamental disruption caused by hyper-mobility. As ligaments define both a boundary and a range of motion within each joint, this disruption can cause a myriad of skeletal compensations. Rachelle shares the wisdom she gained for those of you who are hyper-mobile and for all of us who work with others who are hyper-mobile. She enlightens us by sharing what she has found most helpful and supportive. Having intelligently and lovingly navigated not only hyper-mobility but also the repercussions of adrenal and inflammatory responses associated with being hyper-mobile, Rachelle offers a rich, nuanced conversation on healthy movement.