4. Disappoint More People with Sandy Reynolds

Seniors' Care Matters show

Summary: In today’s episode, Sandy and I talk about the benefits of her mantra ‘Disappoint more people’.<br> In this episode<br> Sandy and I talk about that emotion that we want to avoid feeling or creating that feeling in others – Disappointment.<br> <br> And yet, as you’ll hear, there can be benefits when you lean into the idea of disappointing more people.<br> <br> In this episode, we discuss:<br> <br> • The connection between expectations, reality and disappointment<br> <br> • The challenges created when we focus on avoiding disappointment<br> <br> • Shifting your mindset about handling unmet expectations and the importance we place on them<br> <br> • How exercising the disappointment muscle can actually build resilience<br> <br> • People pleasing, and three areas where people pleasers tend to struggle<br> <br> • Ways to step out of people pleasing and work with boundaries and disappointment<br> Guest Info<br> Sandy Reynolds prefers the term 'learning catalyst' to describe what she does. She has worked globally helping organizations strengthen their performance by developing talent and getting clear on their organizational values and strategy. Sandy is currently working on a book called Disappoint More People. As a chronic people-pleaser who has worried about what other people think for longer than she wants to admit, she is on a mission to get people to live aligned with their values.<br> <br> Sandy has over 20 years experience in some of Canada’s top organizations, has an MA in Leadership and is a Certified MBTI practitioner.<br> <br> Previous Clients include: Air Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rotman College, St. Michael’s Hospital, World Vision and Opportunity International, to name a few.<br> <br> <br> Resources<br> You can find Sandy at <a href="http://www.sandyreynolds.com">www.sandyreynolds.com</a>, on Instragram <a href="http://instagram.com/sandyareynolds">@sandyareynolds, </a>and on <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandyreynolds/">LinkedIn. </a><br> <br> Sandy’s free guide and e’mail course “5 ways to disappoint more people:” <a href="https://newsletter.sandyreynolds.com/disappoint">https://newsletter.sandyreynolds.com/disappoint</a><br> Transcript<br> Voice (00:00): Welcome to Seniors' Care Matters, part of the qodpod Network. Each week, Seniors' Care Matters provides inspiring interviews and insights to help you lead, connect and engage with your teams and your residents' families. We focus on ways to enhance your leadership approach and presence with practical tips to build a relational culture and create breakthrough results. And now here's your host for Seniors' Care Matters, Deborah Bakti.<br> <br> Deb (00:30): We are going to be talking about the topic of disappointment today, and a really interesting perspective on leaning into and developing your disappointment muscle. Are you a people pleaser? Like, do you like everyone to be happy and to get along? And do you want them to like you? I suspect more of us than we like to admit fall under the people pleaser camp. For some of us, it was ingrained in us at a very young age to be nice and to be likable. Don't rock the boat. Don't upset people. Do your best and get along with everyone. And yet, sometimes that people pleasing gene can lead to resentment and frustration and disappointment - emotions that are typically seen as bad or negative. Undesirable. Looking at this emotion and experience of disappointment, I think it's one that we can tend to have a bit of that allergic reaction to, you know, we just, we want to avoid it at all costs. And there are two sides of disappointment.<br> <br> Deb (01:37): There's how it feels when we get disappointed. When something that we were really hoping for doesn't happen like a second date or someone forgetting our birthday or a job promotion or a new job that you really hoped that you were going to land.