3. The Art of Being with Libby McCready

Seniors' Care Matters show

Summary: In today’s episode, Libby and I talk about the coaching mindset and her “Be Buttons” framework to help manage stress and overwhelm.<br> In this episode:<br> Libby and I talk about ‘ways of being’ using her coaching model of the “Be Buttons”.  Some of the topics we explore are:<br> <br> * The metaphor of ‘touching lightly’ to manage overwhelm and to reset<br> * How being curious shifts your energy to be more open and relaxed<br> * Self reflection questions to get unstuck and out of overwhelm<br> * The layers of listening and being responsive to connect and relate better<br> * Ways to be accountable with how you show up and impact others<br> * The connection between your amygdala and burnt toast!<br> <br> <br> Guest bio:<br> Libby McCready is a veteran executive coach and trainer. For the past twenty years she’s been focused on accelerating results for professional sales teams, business owners and leaders across industries. The models, processes and programs she utilizes use the sciences of the mind as the foundation for people achieving success. She is currently the head of sales training for a major Canadian corporation.  Libby can be reached at <a href="mailto:libbymccready@gmail.com">libbymccready@gmail.com.</a><br> <br> Transcription:<br> Intro (00:00):<br> <br> Welcome to Seniors' Care Matters, part of the qodpod network. Each week, Seniors' Care matters provides inspiring interviews and insights to help you lead, connect and engage with your teams and your residents' families. We focus on ways to enhance your leadership approach and presence with practical tips, to build a relational culture and create breakthrough results. And now here's your host for Seniors' Care Matters, Deborah Bakti.<br> <br> Deb (00:30):<br> <br> As we continue to work our ways through this new normal, while there's not much normal feeling to 2020 so far, as humans going through this together, we still seek, want and need to connect with others. Even if we have to be masked and appropriately distanced from each other. Amongst all the transactions and policy changes and updates and protocol required, I truly believe we still want to be relational and to be in that kind of relational mindset where you can be open to and looking for those opportunities to connect and to relate, it's helpful to have ways to be in a more calm and relaxed state of mind. A way to be able to reset and feel better prepared to deal with and respond to all of these many challenges that we're facing.<br> <br> Deb (01:27):<br> <br> And you may be thinking, are you kidding me with everything we have going on in our homes particularly now? Well, I think it's about saying yes, and... Yes, all of this is happening. And...the good news is we all have these micro opportunities every day to choose behaviors that can support us - to be intentional with how we choose, to think, feel, and behave in any given moment. In today's episode, Libby and I talk about BEING and her framework with the three ways of being, which is rooted in her training and experience as a leadership coach. One of the three approaches we discuss is about being curious. In my book Recipe for Empathy, one of the chapters is called "The Question Connection" and we discuss how being curious can cancel out judgment and binary thinking. Something that can get us triggered. And speaking of triggered, she shares a really interesting way to think about something that triggers us so that you can reframe and choose to either react or respond. I think you'll find it really useful next time you feel triggered by something or someone. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did and are able to take away some helpful approaches as you continue to be relational and connect with your team, your families and your residents.<br> <br> Promo (03:00):<br> <br> When you need podcasts that inspire you,