S2 Ep 29: Lil Guilty Symo's Sentencing

The Adam & Symon Show show

Summary: It's Life's Simple Pleasures and then Adam inexplicably answered a ringing pay phone... did he meet Morpheus? MIMC's hard (ahem) work has paid dividends for one lucky listener in the form of heaps of socks, and a famous Whack-A-Mole anniversary is upon us and must be discussed. Then, Show's court room reopens for perhaps its most satisfying sentencing hearing ever... will Symon have to eat more apples? Maybe get 25 to life? Who could say. PLUS! GUYS! WE HAVE A NEW PODCAST! It's called 'He's Been Doing It All Day', currently on Spotify and hitting your iPhones soon! If you like AFL footy, this is (also) the one for you. Subscribe, rate the show ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, leave a review, tell your friends and you too might get to enter the Matrix. (Shout out Neo)