S2 Ep 27: The People vs Hamburglar

The Adam & Symon Show show

Summary: It's Life's Simple Pleasures, and then there's been a few indicators that our man Big Symmo might be getting on. But then, Symon's day of reckoning is here. The Hamburglar tried to burgle one to many hamburgers, so he's headed straight to Show's Courtroom for a date with Alex, aka The People's Prosecutor. #GotHim Pippa's latest polarising poll needs backing over. And it's an all-in MIMC effort this week thanks to our good friends at Soxy Beast, but it might be the most beneficial micro-influencing session for you, the listener, of all time! Subscribe, rate the show ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, leave a review, tell your friends and DM us for Alex's deets if you ever need to win an argument.