Men Who Reigned 80s Supreme ep001

Electric Thunder Radio show

Summary: Move over ladies, it’s the guys turn. Men Who Reigned Supreme 1980s style. Here we find such elusive songs as “Somewhere Down The Crazy River”, “She’s Lost Control” and “House of Broken Love” by Robbie Robertson, Joy Division and Great White respectively. But that’s not all! Find some megahits from The Fixx and Men At Work (At least in the USA but not the UK in this case). There is some Rod Stewart, The Police, Hot Chocolate, Bryan Adams, Elton John, Billy Joel, Simple Minds, John Lennon, Department S are in there, Human League, Soft Cell and Paul Young. There’s an awakening happening right here over two hours for you, get settled in + get Alexa to do it for you, “Alexa, play Electric Thunder Radio Podcast on TuneIn”. Enjoy!