RTT Episode 28

Rahdo Talks Through show

Summary: <p>A Q&amp;A BLOWOUT!!!<br> <br> SHOW NOTES:<br> <br> •••[00:01:22] Game Q&amp;A►►►<br> How do I get rid of games? Ever binned a game? Moving with games? LeiriaCon 2018? Kennerspiel response this time? Fortunate gamer syndrome? Roll and move? Boardgames inspring videogames? Space for games? Working with kickstarter prototypes? Hidden games? What about the games trapped in Guildford? What percentage of games owned are review copies? Boardgaming online? Port Royal expansion info? Backing games on Kickstarter? Monster-free 2p games? Brink, the board game? Gloomhaven ranking? Agricola Family Edition? What's most enticing about a new game? What designer is next to get full coverage? Essen Spiel coverage? Most frustrating Unlock: The Formula Puzzle? Why no Merlin love last podcast? Essen Spiel plans? World Without End?<br> <br> •••[01:11:45] Non-game Q&amp;A►►►<br> Me &amp; Jen as CV cards? Tracking finances? Running? Malta marriage equality? Murdered by a boardgame personality? Best Beatle post breakup? Knitting glass? Classic consoles? TV in Malta? Marital strife? Will Trump last 4 years? Brexit disaster? Our first records? 3 fave Disney and Pixar films? Shouldn't we all be vegetarians? Typical day? Fave childhood memories? Biggest phobias? Picking up games at Essen? Updated RRT logo? Jen's quote of the month? Moana? Our wedding? Paleo snacks? Rahdo Walks Through?</p><p> •••Help Rahdo run @ <a href="https://patreon.com/rahdo">https://patreon.com/rahdo</a><br> •••Send your questions to <a href="mailto:question@rahdo.com">questions@rahdo.com</a></p>