The Last Word #105 - May 29th - Almighty, Cryptic TWAB, Season 11 & Year 4 Info, Outriders, Backlog

The Last Word w/ Ebontis & Lord Cognito show

Summary: <p>This week we discussed some backlog games that we were working through during these quieter times in Destiny 2. Nioh 2, Inside, FF7 Remake and The Last of Us have been making their way through our devices. Back to Destiny 2 we have the Almighty Enemy ship now visible in the atmosphere, but it isn't moving as fast as I think it should. There are many more factors in space that could affect it but it should be here soon as the season wrap up is coming to and end. We also speculate what is going to be the roapmap for the final week and half of this Season 10 and how we transition into Season 11 &amp; the Year 4 reveal.  We wrapped with a quick discussion of the first Outriders reveal stream.  </p> <p>You can find us here. </p> <p>The Last Word Twitter:  </p> <p>Ebontis <br> Twitter: <br> Twitch: <br> Youtube:  </p> <p>LordCognito <br> Twitter: <br> Youtube:  </p> <p>You can support The Last Word Podcast right here --</p> --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>