Allen Arnold: Life with God vs. Life for God

The Christian Habits Podcast show

Summary: Do you ever find yourself going about your daily work and not remembering God is there? I do sometimes. It’s easy to do when we get busy. On today’s episode of the <a href="">Christian Habits Podcast</a>, Allen Arnold talks about how to do life with God–remembering Him throughout the day and visiting with Him about life and work.<br> <br> When we visit with God throughout the day, life goes much better. First, He helps us to do things we can’t do in our own strength. Second, we enjoy life more. And finally, we grow closer to God as we learn to rely on Him and look to Him for support. <br> Here are a few of the topics we discussed on the podcast:<br> Topics We Discussed on the Podcast<br> <br> * What it looks like do life with God on a practical level<br> * How to pursue growth without feeling like you have to be perfect<br> * Living each day with expectancy vs. expectations<br> * A Christian definition of success<br> * How to do life with God when you’re pursuing a goal you’ve failed at before.<br> <br> Resources We Talked About on the Podcast<br> <br> * <a href=";qid=1590028424&amp;sr=8-1">The Story of With</a> by Allen Arnold<br> <br> How to Listen to the Podcast<br> <br> * To listen or subscribe on Apple Podcasts:<a href=""> </a><a href="">click here</a><br> * To listen or subscribe on Android:<a href=""> click here</a><br> * To listen or subscribe on Stitcher: <a href=";refid=stpr">click here</a><br> * To listen or subscribe on Google Play: <a href="">click here</a><br> * To listen or subscribe on Spotify: <a href="">click here</a><br> <br> Allen Arnold is the executive producer of content for Ransomed Heart Ministries with John Eldredge. He currently speaks to groups on the subjects of identity, creativity, and intimacy with God.<br>