Episode 192: A Little Ribston-Pippin

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Summary: “the apple of his eye” [SILV]  "Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest of shapes," Sherlock Holmes told us in "The Greek Interpreter." And in the case of Regina Stinson, it takes a number of fascinating shapes. Regina Stinson, BSI ("A Little Ribston-Pippin") is a longtime Sherlockian who was so determined to meet with other like-minded people that she established her own society. She takes us on that journey which ultimately led to her selling Sherlockian jewelry at events and eventually online. Sherlockians are fascinating people, and Regina does not disappoint. Don't miss the latest Canonical Couplet, as we give you an opportunity to raid the vaults of IHOSE. Answers are due by 11:59 pm EDT on May 29, 2020. The prize will be a $10 Etsy gift card to spend in Regina's shop! This episode was recorded live, and edited for your enjoyment. Information on sponsors, links, and notes available below. Please do consider becoming a Patron of the Arts. Your support helps us to ensure we can keep doing what we do, covering file hosting costs, production, and this year, transcription services. SponsorsWessex Press is our lead sponsor. They've been with us for nearly the entire run. Please visit their site and let them know you found them via I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. Would you care to advertise with us? You can find more information here. Let's chat! Download [Save As] | File size 27 MB, 58:54 LinksThis episode: ihose.co/ihose192Artful Pippin - Regina's Etsy shopAbout SixtyA Scintillation of ScionsRoyal Oak Historical SocietyThe Digital Muse (electronic compilation of 40 years of The Serpentine Muse)The Ribston-Pippins Facebook GroupEmail Regina: pippinviolet AT gmail DOT com The oyster pin: "Shall the world, then, be overrun by oysters?" [DYIN] Many more links, articles and images are available in our Flipboard magazine at ihose.co/flipsherlock as well as through our accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Please subscribe on the podcast provider of your choosing: Listen to I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere And would you consider leaving us a rating and review? It would help other Sherlockians to find us. Your thoughts on the show? Leave a comment below, send us an email (comment AT ihearofsherlock DOT com), call us at (774) 221-READ (7323). TranscriptTranscript costs have recently risen by 25 percent, so our goal is to reach the $125 per episode level on Patreon. Please consider signing up by clicking the link. Transcript will be here soon (if you can contribute to making that happen). --