Clone Wars Talk (Part 18) | The Citadel | Anakin & Tarkin

Star Wars Escape Pod show

Summary: Ever wonder how the Separatists managed to attack Coruscant in the end days of the Clone Wars and capture the chancellor? What about that young Tarkin appearance we got in Revenge of the Sith at the very tail end of the movie? There is a special prison for Jedi? We just watched the Citadel story arc in our chronological clone wars viewing binge. And boy do we have some talk for you! Here are today's episodes: 62 318 The Citadel | Stream on Disney+ 63 319 Counter Attack | Stream on Disney+ 64 320 Citadel Rescue | Stream on Disney+ We want to hear from you guys, get in touch with us below! And send this show to a friend! @SWEscapePodcast - send us a voice recording, comments, questions, anything!   May the force be with you guys. Stay healthy!