Clone Wars Talk (Part 24) | Kenobi Undercover | Ahsoka / Death Watch Returns

Star Wars Escape Pod show

Summary: Ever wonder when Obi-Wan came up with his nickname "Ben" where is started? The Clone Wars. What ever happened to Ahsoka's new friend Lux Bontari after his mother Mina Bontari was tragically killed trying to make peace with the Republic back in "Heroes on Both Sides" (S03E10). Let's discuss the next set of episodes on our chronological Clone Wars journey. Hope you guys are enjoying the show following along at home! Here are the episodes to watch before listening: 80 414 A Friend In Need | Stream on Disney+ 81 415 Deception | Stream on Disney+ 82 416 Friends and Enemies | Stream on Disney+ 83 417 The Box | Stream on Disney+ 84 418 Crisis on Naboo | Stream on Disney+ For a complete list of episodes in chronological order, visit this link: We want to hear from you guys, get in touch with us below! And send this show to a friend! Those 5 stars are always a huge help so please rate and subscribe! @SWEscapePodcast - send us a voice recording, comments, questions, anything! Host Site: May the force be with you guys. Stay healthy out there with this COVID going around!