Clone Wars Talk (Part 25) | Darth Maul Returns | Ventress & the Bounty Hunters!

Star Wars Escape Pod show

Summary: The final arc of Season 4 is here to talk about! Where has Ventress been? Boba Fett, Dengar, Bossk, Savage Oppress... and Maul - Formerly Darth. Makes his debut to the show. Ever played Jedi: Fallen Order and wonder what happened to Dathomir during the Clone Wars that made it such a wreck?Watch these episodes and then listen to Josh and Diego after for the Clone Wars talk part 25! Here are the episodes for today: 85 419 Massacre | Stream on Disney+ 86 420 Bounty | Stream on Disney+ 87 421 Brothers | Stream on Disney+ 88 422 Revenge | Stream on Disney+ For a complete list of episodes in chronological order, visit this link: ZOOM STAR WARS Virtual Backgrounds! Make it look like your in the galaxy far far away. We want to hear from you guys, get in touch with us below! And send this show to a friend! And 5 stars always helps! @SWEscapePodcast - send us a voice recording, comments, questions, anything! Host Site: May the force be with you guys. Stay healthy out there!