Episode 11: Michelle Donahoe, DeKalb County History Center

All Things Local show

Summary: <p>Welcome to episode number 11 of the All Things Local Podcast. On this episode, I speak with Michelle Donahoe, Executive Director of the <a href="https://www.dekalbcountyhistory.org/">DeKalb County History Center</a>. She shares her journey as a public history student, as a volunteer, and now leading an organization that reaches across the county, preserving and sharing our county’s history. During this pandemic, the History Center reminds us all that history happens every day and encourages residents to share their stories, to document what’s going on in the world around them for future generations. I want to remind everyone that <a href="https://www.givedekalbcounty.org/">Give DeKalb County</a> is May 7 and encourage you to make any size donation to any of the over 100 participating nonprofits. This is a critical time for nonprofits as programs and fundraising events have been cancelled, while many of them are seeing increased demand for their services. Share what you can and support <a href="https://www.givedekalbcounty.org/">Give DeKalb County</a> on May 7. On behalf of these organizations and the people they serve, thank you. Enjoy this podcast episode and stay well.</p>