Wake Up Call - Our Rulers’ Insanity Continues - 09/07/12

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: Their harebrained plans know no bounds. Their stupidity grows by the day. Their inane schemes become more fantastic with each iteration. Meanwhile, the west’s economies continue to spiral down out-of-control with a full-scale run on Spanish banks with Spaniards having extracted a full 17.7% of total deposits. The dominos just keep falling and nobody has any idea about how to fix the situation. A description of the ECB’s new program to save the weak countries. An account of today’s unemployment figures and why they are lies and fabrications. The problems of baby boomers trying to sell their family homes as they “trade down”. Consult www.youwalkaway.com. An excellent resource. The perils of automation eating away at employment, potentially much more pernicious than jobs siphoned off to China