SEO and Marketing News - April 12, 2020

This Week in SEO and Marketing show

Summary: <p>This week in SEO News with <a href="">Christopher</a>. Google Launched a Series of Blog Posts Highlighting the Value of SEO. The first case study in this series was shared by Google’s Gary Illyes and goes over one company's seo efforts over the years.</p> <p>The company spent an entire year dedicated to finding and fixing crawling errors identified by Search Console. This alone lead to a 15% increase in organic search traffic.</p> <p>For the next step the company in the case study focused on implementing gradual changes such as:</p> <ul> <li>Removing poorly written and unhelpful meta tags.</li> <li>Using rel-canonical and removing duplicate content.</li> <li>Applying applicable structured data.</li> </ul> <p>Eventually, the errors in Search Console’s Index Coverage report turned from red to green. This led to an  increase in organic traffic. Along with the increase in organic traffic, the quality of traffic also went up.</p> <p>The company achieved a 93% increase in the number of new sign ups and a 9% increase in conversions.</p> <p>---</p> <p>Listen to the podcast for even more SEO and Digital Marketing news.</p> <p>That's all for this week. Join us again next week as a great way for digital marketers to stay up to date with a quick summary of the latest changes in digital marketing.</p> <p>Sponsored by WPdigital <a href="">HVAC Websites</a>.</p>