Saturday Webinar: Douglas MacArthur

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Summary: Live show aired at at 11am, Saturday, 4 APR 2020, exploring the truth and legend of Douglas MacArthur, perhaps America's most consequential 20th Century military leader. Readings "The Noblest Development of Mankind," 1935, Douglas MacArthur Radio Address Upon Returning to the Philippines, 20 October 1944, Douglas MacArthur Radio and Television Address on the Situation in Korea, 19 July 1950, Harry Truman Speech Explaining the Firing of MacArthur, 13 April 1951, Harry Truman Farewell Address to Congress, 19 April 1951, Douglas MacArthur Williams, Macs, and Ikes: America's Two Military Traditions, T. Harry Williams Panelists Chris Burkett, Ashland University John Moser, Ashland University Thomas Bruscino, United States Army War College   iTunes Podcast Stitcher Podcast RSS The post Saturday Webinar: Douglas MacArthur appeared first on Teaching American History.