847 » Forget About The Hustle, But Get Out Of Bed Already

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast show

Summary: <p>When you’re the boss, every month you’re an employee of the month. But if you’re really and truly honest with yourself, are you really working as hard as you could? Are you using the excuse of “hustling” to work through your family’s dinner because you’re really dragging yourself out of bed every day?<br> <br>If I’m going, to be honest, lately I’ve been wasting a lot of my time reading the news and catching up on stuff. Really, it’s not good for me. I’m not even watching things that feed my soul, but just a never-ending cycle of news from all of my favorite news networks.<br> <br>By the time dinner rolls around, I’m scrambling to play catch up with the rest of my day. I didn’t get started on time, so I couldn’t get everything done that I needed to. Instead of pausing to focus on my family, I have to work through dinner to finish all of my work.<br> <br>We forget those basic work principles sometimes as entrepreneurs. All of that “early to bed, early to rise” stuff goes out the window when we can write our own schedule. I mean, that’s why we want to be entrepreneurs in the first place!<br> <br>You don’t have to hustle your face off, but you do need to get out of bed already. Start your day early. Get your work done before dinner. Maybe even spend a little bit of time in the Good Book and feed your soul a little.<br> <br>If you want to make your family a priority, you’ll need to build your life around that schedule. Be the kind of employee who really deserves the employee of the month plaque, every single month.<br> <br>What's Inside:<br> <br>—We forget about those basic work principles sometimes as entrepreneurs.<br> <br>—Focus on what you can control, and it’s not the news.<br> <br>—Get up early and read good stuff.<br> <br>—Be careful what you feed into your mind.<br> <br>—Make time for your family and your kids.<br> </p>