850 » State Of The Union For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast show

Summary: <p>If it feels like the sky is falling, I want to reassure you that what you really feel is opportunity knocking. As the market shifts under us and you can no longer count on appreciation, easy financing, or interest rates staying low, you can still find a way to make money. However, you’ll have to adapt to this new market. And those investors who can adapt to the changing market are going to be the ones who survive.<br> <br>You know the classic book Who Moved My Cheese? This moment is like that book. You’ve got to see where the cheese is moving. Now is the time when creative financing like lease options will help you when the market is starting to trend downwards like it’s currently doing.<br> <br>The market is moving to deals like:<br> <br>—Subject 2<br> <br>—Owner financing<br> <br>—Land contracts<br> <br>—Contract for deeds<br> <br>—Lease options<br> <br>The beauty of these deals is you can offer the seller any terms they want as long as they’re willing to wait. But you don’t want to hang onto those contracts, and I talk about why that is.<br> <br>There are a lot of people freaking out right now because they have way too much debt and are heavily overleveraged. That’s the beauty of lease options: you can control property without owning property. Gavin talks about why you want to give your marketing and your business a good hard look right now if you’re the one freaking out.<br> <br>If this uncertainty is making you rethink your 9-5 job, Gavin and I share some ways that you can dig into real estate as a side hustle. And if you’re concerned that this will take up too much of your time, I have some ideas for how to automate this as a side hustle so that you can make money and still spend time with your family.<br> <br>What's Inside:<br> <br>—Why it’s better to make a quick nickel than a slow dime right now.<br> <br>—If you want to make money right now, you need to understand wholesaling and flipping contracts.<br> <br>—Why you have to change as the market changes.<br> <br>—I explain the three keys to success in this business; marketing, automation, and delegation.<br> <br>—We talk about how important reserves are during a downturn.<br> </p>