854 » How to Prepare and NOT Panic For The Upcoming Housing Market Crash

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast show

Summary: <p>Every crisis comes with an equal amount of opportunity, and this is going to be really, really important in the coming weeks and months. First, I’m going to step back and help you do some big picture thinking by outlining some plans you need to put in place, and then I’m going to share where I think the housing market will go next, and how you can capitalize on the opportunity.<br> <br>By studying the Great Depression, I realized that there are some companies that did very well during and after the stock market crash, and I think that we can learn a lot from these companies about things we need to be doing right now. Things like carrying little debt, doubling down on marketing, and so on. Again, it’s important to recognize that opportunity when it comes knocking.<br> <br>Now is a time to create a safe space for your audience. What should that look like for your company? Well for one, you need to be a leader with positivity and optimism. As entrepreneurs, we are problem solvers, so what problems can you solve for your audience?<br> <br>How does this big picture thinking play into real estate? This is the absolute best time to get into real estate investing. Yes, you’re going to have to get as creative as H.E. double hockey sticks, but this is going to be like 2009, and I tell you why. I go through the real estate strategies that you’ll need to adapt to continue to meet and serve your customers.<br> <br>And don’t forget that now is not the time to shut down and ignore other investors. You absolutely want to be plugged into a great network right now. Community collaboration and masterminds are going to be the secret to massive success in the future. Global insights and support from other business leaders will be critical for your ability to survive and thrive right now. Don’t quit your masterminds!<br> <br>In this webinar, I cover all of the directions I can see real estate moving into as the economy enters a recession and the world grapples with the COVID-19. Remember, opportunity is knocking. Don’t let fear keep that door closed.<br> <br>What's Inside:<br> <br>—Wealth does not disappear; it transfers.<br> <br>—Why you should detach yourself from your own bias.<br> <br>—How to prepare for the WORST and the BEST case scenarios.<br> <br>—How can you find empathy for your customers?<br> <br>—Preparing for a buyer’s market will require a shift in your mindset.<br> <br>—It’s important to be educated in these two things: creative financing and fast cash strategies.<br> <br>—As wholesalers, sell to people what they want rather than what you have.<br> </p>