SEO and Marketing News - March 26, 2020

This Week in SEO and Marketing show

Summary: <p>This week in SEO News with <a href="">Christopher</a>. Google My business adds the ability to mark your Business as temporarily closed.</p> <p>If you login to your Google My Business account and click on edit your information, you will be given a new option to "mark as temporarily closed." Previously you were unable to do this from Google My Business.</p> <p>The update should stick around past the current Covid 19 outbreak. Since Google states that this should be used If your business temporarily closes or is seasonal.</p> <p>--</p> <p>If you have wanted to learn more about Google’s New speakable schema markup. Search Engine Watch release a great article that goes over:</p> <ul> <li>What is Google’s new speakable schema markup?</li> <li>How does Google’s speakable schema markup work?</li> <li>And digs a bit into their thoughts on how the speakable schema will affect SEO.</li> </ul> <p>Listen to the podcast for even more SEO and Digital Marketing news.</p> <p>Join us again next week as a great way for digital marketers to stay up to date with a quick summary of the latest changes in digital marketing.</p> <p>Sponsored by WPdigital <a href="">HVAC Websites</a>.</p>