845 » The Only Thing That Ages Well In Real Estate

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast show

Summary: <p>Some things stink pretty fast, like dirty diapers or overcooked broccoli. Leads, however, get better and better with age. If you want to truly be a real estate investor, you have to fully commit to chasing down your leads.<br> <br>If I gave you a bunch of marketing leads today, how many could you close? How many times would you call them? One of my favorite coaching clients told me that she was going to call her leads as many times as it took until they sold their house to her or to anyone else. It didn’t matter who they sold their house to; she was going to get a yes or a no out of them.<br> <br>Here’s a secret: There is no “no”. “No” really means “Not yet”. And she knew that!<br> <br>Your leads need to be followed upon. You need to follow up on your follow-ups. You should have a CRM full of notes about how many times you called and talked to your leads because it takes an average of 2-3 months to make that sale.<br> <br>I would say that it’s 65%, maybe even 95% of all of my sales that come from following up. It is going to be incredibly rare that you’re going to find someone willing to sell you their house for 60 cents on the dollar on your very first phone call.<br> <br>So if you’re going to be in this business, you have to give it a solid six months of your time, and you have to absolutely commit to following up on your leads. No lead is ever truly dead.<br> <br>Nurture your leads. Follow up on your leads. Don’t give up on them because old leads just get better with time.<br> <br>What's Inside:<br> <br>—Why persistence matters with leads.<br> <br>—Lessons learned from one of my best coaching clients.<br> <br>—How many touches you need to make on a lead.<br> <br>—How many months it may take for a lead to work for you.<br> </p>