Episode 63: Eric Marcoullier, Startup & Product Coach/Landmine Detector, BPM140 Consulting

Boulder Tech Podcast show

Summary: Our guest for Episode #63 is Eric Marcoullier, founder of several successful companies including IGN and Gnip, and orchestrator of a big turnaround at Beatport. He now coaches startups and mid-sized companies on product, fundraising and leadership issues.  In this interview, Eric and I discuss: why Eric learns more from his failures than his successesthe interesting creative process behind every post on his blog, Obvious Startup Advicestartup founders and mental healthEric’s idea for completely revolutionizing email - and why it’s probably not going to work Read Eric's blog, Obvious Startup Advice, and follow him on Twitter @140bpm. *** The Boulder Tech Podcast is made possible in part by Glider, a Colorado-based Community movement and non-profit that produces Boulder’s Ignite and TedX events, as well as Boulder Startup Week. Learn more and consider a donation at glider.com Thanks to dojo4 for providing space for our podcast HQ, and to KGNU Community Radio for recording gear and studio usage. Our intro music is by Eccodek. Hear more at eccodek.com Our outro music is by EarthRise SoundSystem. You’ll find them at earthrisesoundsystem.com The Boulder Tech Podcast is produced by Joel Davis. Your feedback, criticisms, comments and guest suggestions are welcome. Don’t hesitate to send a note to joel@dojo4.com Thanks for listening. We’ll see you back here for the next episode of the Boulder Tech Podcast.