The Gary Null Show - 02.24.20

The Gary Null Show show

Summary: Wikipedia Articles 1. Wikipedia: J’accuse 2. Wikipedia: the New Inquisition 3. WICKED, WICKED WIKIPEDIA: THE CORRUPTION AND COLLAPSE OF THE LEGENDARY PEOPLE’S ENCYCLOPEDIA. 4. Wikipedia: Rotten to the Core? 5. Wikipedia : the Modern Delphic Oracle 6. Wikipedia’s Assault on Scientific Progress Case Dr. Rupert Sheldrake 7. Why you shouldn’t trust Wikipedia: Propagandists for a Broken Establishment 8. Why Does Wikipedia Recommend Fluoride? 9. WIKIPEDIA: SUPPORTING THE DARK SIDE OF MEDICINE? 10. Wikipedia Embraces the Dark Side 11. Wikipedia: Our New Technological McCarthyism, Part 1 12. Wikipedia: Our New Technological McCarthyism, Part Two 13. Slaying Homeopathy and Americans’ Freedom of Health Choices 14. Wikipedia’s Culture of Character Assassination: The Case of Dr. Dean Radin 15. WHY IS THE NEW YORK TIMES PROMOTING A WIKIPEDIA CHARACTER ASSASSINATION SQUAD? 16. Wikipedia: a Web of Deception 17. STEPHEN BARRETT, THE AMA & WIKIPEDIA’S ASSAULT AGAINST CHIROPRACTIC 18.  WIKIPEDIA FAILS AGAIN: THE CASE OF MISINFORMATION ABOUT CURCUMIN 19. WIKIPEDIA’S CULTURE OF INSTITUTIONAL BIAS 20. WIKIPEDIA’S VACCINATION BIAS 21. WIKIPEDIA’S VACCINE PROPAGANDA REGIME 22. BE SKEPTICAL OF WIKIPEDIA SKEPTICS 23. WIKIPEDIA SKEPTICS’ MISSION TO SUPPRESS THE DISSEMINATION OF QUALITY HEALTH AND MEDICAL STUDIES 24. Quackwatch’s Conspiratorial Theory Against Alternative Medicine 25. Should Wikipedia Be Trusted for HIV Retroviral Therapy? 26. Google and Wikipedia: The Internet’s Voice for the Corporate Deep State 27. Modern Skepticism: Western Civilization’s Scientific Wahhabism 28. Wikipedia’s Hate Campaign Against Ayurveda 29. Senior Wikipedia Editors Recommend that the Site Being Euthanized 30. Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia’s Hate Campaign Against Holistic Healing 31. Medical Despotism, the AMA’s and Wikipedia’s Offensive Against Chiropractic 32. Why does Wikipedia want to deprive you of Acupuncture? 34. America’s Medical Apartheid 35. Wikipedia, Stephen Barrett, and Sweet Suicide 36.  Chinese Botanical Medicine: Wikipedia Claims It is Fake, We are Certain it is Real 37.  Wikipedia’s Skeptical Assault on Botanical Medicine 38. Medical Skepticism: Our Scientific Cultural Disease  39. Wikipedia Misinformation and Prejudice: Case Examples of Drs. Deepak Chopra and Gary Null 40. The Illegitimacy of Quackwatch’s Health Bias 41. Wikipedia Astroturfing to Discredit Energy Medicine and Psychology 42. Wikipedia’s Leading Abettor in Skepticism’s Pro-Industry Propaganda 43. Modern Skepticism: An Authentic Pseudoscience of Irrational Deception 44. Wikipedia: The Internet’s Devil’s Island. 45. Wikipedia: An Opinion : Where Narcissists and Sociopaths Are Always Welcome 46. Medical Despotism, the AMA’s and Wikipedia’s Offensive Against Chiropractic 47. Wikipedia Skeptics Attack on Truth in Journalism 48. Reasons to Walk Away from Wickedpedia 49. Wikipedia: Big Pharma’s Propaganda Machine 50. WHY DOES WIKIPEDIA WANT TO DESTROY DEEPAK CHOPRA? 51. WIKIPEDIA SKEPTICS’ CRUCIFIXION OF DEEPAK CHOPRA 52. Quackwatch’s Hatred of Acupuncture 53. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT AN ENCYCLOPEDIA 54.  Wikipedia Editors: A Psychological Profile 65.  Weaponizing Wikipedia 66. Quackwatch’s Promotion of Psychiatric Propaganda 67. Science Based Medicine: A Swamp of Medical Buffoonery  68. Summary of Wikipedia’s Activities in Violation of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 69. A Marriage Made in Hell:  Militant Atheism, Scientism, Wikipedia and Eugenics   Letters To Wikipedia 55.  Wikimedia Notice letter 19-11-11 56. Letter to Wikipedia 11/18/19 57. To the Board and Officers of the Wikimedia Foundation 58. LETTER TO WIKIPEDIA – REMOVAL OF GARY NULL BIOGRAPHY 59. GOSAR LETTER 60.  FINAL DEMAND FOR REMOVAL OF “BIOGRAPHY OF GARY NULL” FROM WIKIPEDIA 61. LETTER TO WIKIPEDIA – REMOVAL OF GARY NULL BIOGRAPHY 62. Wikimedia Foundation (EIN 20-0049703); Violations of 501(c)(3) Status 63. Warning letter to Wikipedia 10-24-19 64. The Promotion of Scientific Bias on Wikipedia