Health and Dignity Day of Action

Put People First! Radio  show

Summary: On Thursday, January 30th, over one hundred people gathered at the statehouse in Montpelier to support passing PSD legislation this year. With this proposed legislation, all workers would get one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours worked; up to seven sick days per year, which would allow them to take time off without having to lose wages. Many people testified before the House General Committee to share how they’ve struggled without paid sick days and to show legislators why paid sick days for all workers are essential to the health and dignity of all people in Vermont. Others testified in solidarity with the thousands of Vermonters who struggle each day to meet their fundamental needs and who cannot afford to miss a day of work without pay when they or a loved one get sick. Many people shared how they struggle to make ends meet working in part-time, full-time, and temporary jobs, and how paid sick days must be available to all workers. Many business owners also shared why they support PSDs and why PSDs will not only benefit workers but businesses as well. Jennifer Kimmick, co owner of the Alchemist Pub & Brewery, shared how providing her employees with paid sick time helped her employees and her business. Paid sick days are a major step toward ensuring that the people of Vermont are treated with dignity at work.Without this legislation, many business owners will continue to prioritize their bottom line over the health needs of their employees. The people of Vermont can’t afford to wait any longer. We must contact our representatives now and let them know we are in support of paid sick days for all workers in Vermont.