International Women's Day March PSA

Put People First! Radio  show

Summary: Women hold the majority of low wage, part-time, and temporary jobs, and make up nearly half of the nation’s workforce, yet about half of women continue to be denied crucial rights at work, including essential paid sick days. When women are denied these rights, our communities suffer. The proposed Earned Sick Days Bill would ensure that all workers in VT are able to take time off when they or a loved one are sick. To support paid sick days is to support women’s rights, work with dignity, and gender equity. March 8th, International Women’s Day, is a celebration of women organizing for social change and demonstrating their essential roles in society. Join us on this day at noon at Christ Episcopal Church in Montpelier to march on Montpelier for paid sick days for all workers. Following the march, there will be a speakout featuring women leaders in VT’s labor movement and in the community. Join us on this day to celebrate women’s rights and to ensure that paid sick days be available for all workers in Vermont.