Ask Cindy - Catching up on Q&A

The Cindy Hurn Show show

Summary: Using this pre-record Cindy catches up on her listeners deep questions. "Can we ever stop doing?" "How can we avoid conflict in life?" "Do we fear our own mind and try to avoid it?" "When does the isolation and fear resolve?" "How can people do reflection?" "Are we all born with beauty within us?" "Would Eagle Mind not eat Mouse Mind?" To understand that profound question - listen to Cindy's story about little mouse mind. As always fantastically searching questions.<br><br>This show is broadcast live on Monday's at 2PM ET on W4CY Radio – (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>) part of Talk 4 Radio (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a> on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>.