DailyRootz! 05/25/12 Sponsored By Swappa! - May 25,2012

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Summary: Team Win Recovery Project 2.1.5 (aka: TWRP) is out for the TF300! This recovery features a full touchscreen UI to manage your backups, ROMs, and kernals. http://goo.gl/vU0Yx And, in more TF300 news, CM9 experimental builds have dropped on RootzWiki! http://goo.gl/6L4sY Staff Writer James Cushing wrote a bit about the Google V Oracle ruling yesterday. You can read more about this on the front page of RootzWiki.com! http://goo.gl/PJPCC We've launched our latest contest in conjunction with CruzerLite! We need your help to design a killer RootzWiki themed case for our Galaxy Nexus'! We've provided all of our images, logos, fonts, etc for you to come up with a killer design. You must have your submission to us by Tuesday, so you'd better head over to RootzWiki.com and check the rules. http://goo.gl/uJ5GC Are you ready for another Android After Dark on RootzLive!? Tonight at 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern the RootzLive! team will be taking shots and chatting it up in a drunken stupor all for your entertainment. Since I'll have Steve Smith and Steve Bird here in my studio, this will be guaranteed to be a good time! Mark your calendar! Thanks to Swappa for sponsoring today's podcast, check them out at www.swappa.com for the very best way to buy or sell gently used Android devices. I've sold three on there so far, and every time the experience has been secure and very easy.