First Chair: Preparing for the Season with Jennifer Lockwood

First Chair: PSIA-AASI Podcast show

Summary: Get fit, ski hard, and have fun in our latest episode of First Chair. This week, we catch up with Jennifer Lockwood after a 5 a.m. workout to learn how she prepares for the ski season through cross-training and other fitness routines. Jennifer is a certified personal trainer and Level III alpine instructor who shares some valuable advice on areas to focus on, how to stretch correctly, and how to stick with a workout routine. She also discusses what to look for in a trainer, why the ACL Strong program is perfect for early pre-season conditioning, and the keys to an effective pre-season exercise regimen. If you’re not sure how to start training for the ski season, this is the episode for you. Learn more about Jennifer in her Member Spotlight: Follow PSIA-AASI: • • • •