Kirsten Liston on Creating Great Compliance Training in a Digital World [Podcast]

Compliance Perspectives show

Summary: <a href=""></a><br> <a href=""></a><br> By Adam Turteltaub<br><br> Compliance training is both essential to the effectiveness of every compliance and ethics program and an ongoing source of consternation:  Are we doing too much or too little?  Are the courses too long or too short?  Are employees understanding and retaining the learning or are they just clicking through the courses?<br> To help answer these and countless other questions, the SCCE asked <a href="">Kirsten Liston</a>, a veteran of the compliance training industry and Principal and Founder of Rethink Compliance, to write a book on the topic.  The result is <a href="">Creating Great Compliance Training in a Digital World</a>.<br> Over its 150 pages the book takes the reader through the principles of effective communication and training for adults.<br> In this podcast Kirsten explains how the book is organized and her focus on providing practical advice on how to communicate effectively and from the perspective of the learner.  She leverages thinking from fields as diverse as advertising and behavioral psychology to show what gets people to pay attention,  engage with the training and take action.<br> She also explores the importance of measuring the effectiveness of the training and the importance of figuring out what works and what doesn’t.<br> Listen in to learn more about <a href="">the book</a> and how to think about your own training efforts.   Or check out a preview of it <a href="">online</a> on COSMOS.<br>