Drunk at the Movies – National Lampoons Vacation

The Beer Report show

Summary: Groucho packs up the family “truckster” and heads over to “The Voice’s” house for another session of classic John Hughes movie viewing nonssense with his buddy Daryl. This time we are watching the family classic with Chevy Chase… And we have to wonder if its aged well at all.  Is there a reason Chevy has not had a career over the past two decades?  We may have cracked the case in this ep… Dustin welcomes his old friends Groucho & Daryl from Throwin Wrenches back to show which can only mean one thing; time for a John Hughes movie. We are watching a summer vacation classic, National Lampoon’s Vacation. Join us as we drink some craft beers and talk all about a variety of topics during the movie, and we encourage you to do the same, especially with some beer from our sponsor Bearded Owl Brewing. This week we enjoy the new collabo beer with Wake Brewing, Demon Cleaner. Try it today at Bearded Owl, 112 State St in Peoria, IL. We also feature some music from our Bands of the Week, MxPx & The Dahlmanns. If you like what you hear, or if you have a movie suggestion, be sure to send feedback to drunkenlullabiespodcast@yahoo.com and Rate, Review, & Subscribe so you never miss an episode.   http://traffic.libsyn.com/drunkenlullabiespodcast/DATMVacationComp.mp3